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Amanda decided to feature Purrfect Paws for a K-State class project. After spending several hours filming and taking pictures she loved the cats so much she decided to volunteer. One can view her class project at Youtube

AmandaThe cats say Amanda can do much more than “sparkle” (camera flashes). They say Amanda has “big” thoughts and animals need to be a part of her life.

Amanda grew up with felines and says she would go crazy without one in her life. Amanda has always had a soft spot for cats and is dedicated to whatever she chooses to do.Amanda

Amanda says volunteering is not like work. “I feel it’s an honor to spend time with the cats and I always leave each time with a sense of peace. Purrfect Paws is really a sanctuary.....probably my favorite part is sitting on the floor and waiting for whatever cat crawls in my lap first.”

Amanda is greatly appreciated at Purrfect Paws. She works independently and is very creative. She will do whatever is needed to assist the felines. The cats find her irresistible.

We’ll be envisioning a wonderful experience for Amanda as she travels to Korea at the end of September to spend a year teaching English.

“I’ve already done my research and found a cat café in Seoul where you pay a small fee and can play with cats all day!”

Much Love & Gratitude to Amanda

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