Celebrating Andrea Ernst

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Dear Andrea,

You left in June. We miss you. You’d been a volunteer for at least three years. The cats and I are happy for you


as you begin your new life in California. Not a day goes by that I don't remember what we shared...the laughter and tears, the ups and the downs, chasing cats in the milo fields, backing the Denali into the garage door, cleaning poop, etc., bottle and syringe feeding

kittens, cat bites, being a human scratching post, Sammuelson catching you in the act, being called a “pest” and “???? Lady”, urine patrol, supervised winter walks with Momma Mollee, wearing your blue mask into Wal-Mart, quietly adopting a cat from Dr. Pachta are just a few of my fond memories.

Thank you for crossing my path and for the lessons you taught me.


Thank you for always loving the cats and listening for their messages. Thank you for your flexibility, strength,
Social Time

and leadership. Thank you for your openness to new and different ideas. Thank you for embracing the uniqueness of Purrfect Paws and demonstrating such in your behaviors. Thank you for adopting Ophelia, Sheela, and Crystal. We’re very grateful to have experienced your spirit. You will live in a quiet place inside our hearts and souls. Your presence will always be near.

Love to you,
Jinna & Cats

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