Celebrating Josh Stieber

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We celebrate Josh, who began volunteering upon his

Play Time

return from deployment to Iraq. The cats adore Josh. We are grateful for his gentle spirit and compassionate soul. This is his story.
"I grew up in Maryland with two family cats. I had a very limited view on life. I enlisted in the Army and was stationed at Fort Riley. Many of the things I've learned since then have much to do with why I volunteer for Purrfect Paws.

I'd like to think that I've learned and am learning to appreciate the time on earth I have and all living things. When I'm petting one of the cats, I'm touching the nature that surrounds us which is easy to forget. When I'm scooping litter boxes, I'm breaking beyond my needs and wants, sniffing the community we have with living things.
Jinna's calmness and dedication have created a testament to the fact that there is an abundance of

Bonding Time

opportunities for us to do something meaningful with our lives. I'm just grateful to be a part of this one."

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