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Paige GirardPaige is a genuine feline magnet! Felines surround her as soon as she opens her vehicle door to enter the sanctuary.

She gently and calmly takes time to greet them as they surround her. She speaks to them as equals acknowledging their existence and experiences. As she makes her way through the sanctuary felines are acutely aware of her presence and clamor for her attention. She loves them all. Paige says she couldn’t pick a favorite as they are all her favorites!

Her love for animals began as a child. Paige says she grewPaige Girard up playing “cats” instead of “house”. She is a Pre-Vet student at K-State and plans to start veterinary school in the Fall of 2010. Paige loves going home to visit her Mom, Dad, two sisters, one brother, six cats, two dogs, one rabbit, six ducks and six sheep. Not only does she attend school, volunteer, and work, she is also an active boxer!

At the Sanctuary, Paige will manage effortlessly whatever needs to be accomplished from cleaning to administering medicines and essences to soothing an ill or angry feline. She just loves them all.

Thank you Paige for the
generosity of your time,
talent and compassion.

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