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At age 11, Sarah remains our youngest volunteer. Sarah started at Purrfect Paws when she was she was 7 and has been working with us since during summers and school breaks. Sarah travels to be among the felines and her favorite activity is loving and playing with all of them. Sarah is involved in all aspects of the direct care of the felines. She does everything from feeding and cleaning living spaces, and is a pro at giving daily drops. When Sarah comes to volunteer, she stays for several days to a few weeks. During these times, she rotates among the felines, sleeping in various rooms to ensure each feline gets attention and love throughout the nights.
Sarah first learned of Purrfect Paws when her mom was trying to find homes for three kittens. It was after this that Sarah developed her interest in being a part of this feline sanctuary. She has already cultivated the invaluable volunteer traits of responsibility, dependability, and multi-tasking. She is also very compassionate.

Sampson, a male tabby, adores Sarah. He is very friendly and loving. While enjoying the outdoors, Sam pson will often find Sarah when she is taking a break and going for a walk. He looks forward to these walks together and one time got so excited as they were walking he fell into the pond.

Sarah’s future visions include assuming management of the Purrfect Paws organization. Her skills are already highly developed in the direct care of the felines. Acquiring business skills will be Sarah’s intention in achieving her dream.

Thank You Sarah

Much love and gratitude from the furry and non-furry residents at Purrfect Paws.

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